Sarah Charles


Toledo Writers Questionnaire

What do you write?

I am currently writing a time-slip novel about a modern day girl who gets sent back in time to medieval Scotland.

What motivates you to write?

The pleasure I get from doing it. It’s been a blast bringing characters to life and learning about Scottish history along the way.

What do you plan on achieving with your writing?

I just want to write a really good story…getting published and making a billion dollars would be nice too.

What are your thoughts on the Toledo Writer’s Group?

It’s amazing. We all have different backgrounds, and all notice different things. You end up getting very well-rounded critiques.

What activities do you enjoy?

Reading and writing, playing with my kids and hanging out with friends

What writers do you read/admire?

Diana Gabaldon, Patrick Rothfuss, George RR Martin

Biggest piece of advice for a new writer?

Don’t be afraid to take your time. Introduce your character slowly and avoid big dumps of information

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