Jessica Klimesh

As founder and fearless leader of the Toledo Writers Workshop, Jessica is personally responsible for 72.7% of the red–uh, make that purple–ink usage in the United States, presumably a direct result of her technical writing and editing background. Additionally, Jessica enjoys soccer and mindlessly kicking her subordinates under the table to keep them in line. An English teacher and an independent technical editor, Jessica also writes the occasional superhero story. Less frequently, she posts to her blog:  

Chris Kwapich

Chris went to the University of Toledo where he studied Computer Programming and minored in English. Then, after obtaining a degree as a forest ranger, he finished his schooling on the road through spontaneous travel. He now works as a freelance writer and web designer. He’s written several novels and a multitude of short stories.

Bob Beach

A native Toledoan, Bob holds a BSc and an MFA from BGSU.
His professional career has included time as a graphic designer, a film director, an advertising copywriter, a web developer and 20 years as a marketing consultant. He also had a ten-year fling in fine art as a painter and printmaker, and taught for many years at BGSU.
Bob is a tournament chess player and an avid bicycle tourist He publishes
He is just beginning a new adventure in writing fiction, with a dozen stories completed and three novels in the hopper.

Sarah Charles

Sarah likes to write. And write, she does. She has not given me her bio yet, so I’m taking the reigns and writing in her bio box. I hope she learns her lesson.

Mike Hackney

Mike Hackney began writing poetry at the tender age of eighteen, when he enrolled in BowlingGreen State University’s Creative Writing Program. At that time, Bowling Green was one ofonly seven universities in the United States to offer a major in creative writing. He waspublished in several small magazines and city newspapers and developed three originalchapbooks of poetry during his formative years. In 2003, he was awarded a grant by the ToledoArts Commission for his collaborative book of poetry, Learning To Write (Huron ValleyPublishing). The book contained 9-11 line narrative poems that were surprising, autobiographicaland imagistic. In 2003, he also enrolled in the Liberal Studies Program at the University ofToledo, receiving a MLS degree; graduating with a 3.8 in 2006. His graduate thesis—a field-guide of essays on poetry and poetics—was published by Publish America in 2006. He has sincewritten two collections of poetry and a novel (Publish America, Chipmunka Publishing, 2009-2012). He a vital part of the Toledo poetry scene and continues to write for online publications.His major influences are Ezra Pound, William Carlos Williams and Billy Collins. His poetry issurprising, honest, sparse and metrically sound. He is an asset to the local writing community.

Chris Cummings

Day job: Programmer for a large e-book publisher specializing in aviation.Night job: Sci-fi writer and essayist.

D. Scot

D. Scot is a graduate of The Ohio State University and a former newspaper reporter, having worked on daily and weekly newspapers in three States. He is presently an At Home dad in NW Ohio. When not engaged in his children’s activities, D. Scot is most likely to be involved with bringing to life fiction of varying lengths and genres.D. Scot has been published in ‘Nebula Rift’, and ‘The Write Place At The Write Time’.

Bill Emery

Bill was born and raised on a horse farm in Sylvania Township, Ohio. By accident or on purpose, he has lived or traveled in almost all of the states east of the Mississippi. Bill has worked as an auto mechanic, a ballroom dance instructor, a car salesman, an unskilled manual laborer and a computer programmer. When he isn’t out drinking, dancing and doing wild and obnoxious things in public, Bill can be found reinventing himself (yet again) as a writer of fiction.

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