Lisa Hossler


  1. What do you write?

    1. I am working on a series of short pieces about a small town. My goal is avoid making my characters quirky.
  2. What motivates you to write?

    1. I enjoy putting words together and want to put my spin on tales.
  3. What do you plan on achieving with your writing?

    1. I want to tell the stories of the cast offs of society. I did not set out to tell depressing tales, but they are turning there.
  4. What are your thoughts on Toledo Writers’ Group (TWG)?

    1. TWG is a continual work in progress, a living entity, nowhere near perfect but a strong force made up of writing egos pushing for better work.
  5. What activities do you enjoy?

    1. I am a compulsive reader and note taker. I also enjoy people-watching.
  6. Pick a person in the group and say something about them?

    1. I have a tendency to write dark characters, therefore I refuse to doom a member of the group.
  7. URL of any website or blog.

  8. Favorite writers

    1. Bob Woodward, James Michener, Molly Idle. Dave Cullen’s Columbine. Charles Graeber’s The Good Nurse. Currently I read literary non-fiction and children’s books, which are incredibly imaginative. In the group, we pick apart stories that we do not find realistic. In children’s literature, no one expects reality.  In adult books, reality always trumps the imagination of a writer.
  9. Biggest advice for new writers.

    1. The biggest mistake of new writers is to think too big. Try writing very short pieces. Try writing limericks. The writing is more important than the plot, how you say it matters more than what you say. Our job as a writer is to sell our writing, and language trumps ideas.
    2. Write constantly. Write crap. We should know that cutting is our best friend. Write constantly and write crap and then find the gem inside.
    3. Failure is so valuable.

10.  My limericks:

On cleanliness

We spray and we clean and we scour and we scrub.
We medicate to eradicate, we give up the hug.
But still it persists
To give us the itch.
We now have created the superbug.

At the museum

We bring our children to teach them
Before the secular world can reach them.
But Jezebel’s nipples
Outnumber Cherub’s sweet dimples.
Cover your eyes, I beseech them

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