Christopher Kwapich


Chris went to the University of Toledo where he studied Computer Programming and minored in English. Then, after obtaining a degree as a forest ranger, he finished his schooling on the road through spontaneous travel. He now works as a freelance writer and web designer. He’s written several novels and a multitude of short stories.

Toledo Writers Questionnaire

What do you write?

Contemporary fiction, thriller/mysteries–anything with a plot I go through a hundred times in my head without getting bored.

What motivates you to write?

Initially, I wrote as a creative release. Now, it’s a habit; a nagging thing that pokes at me when I lay down or slack off.

What do you hope to achieve in writing?

It all. No, really. Okay, I’d be satisfied with being able to make a living off my writing. Every day is a slow, steady march toward bettering my writing skills and being a successful writer.

What do you think about the Toledo Writers Group?

Best thing for my writing yet. The constructive criticism I’ve received has been invaluable. The writing group is a good group of people with sincere intentions on helping others with their writing, while honing the craft themselves. They’re a great mix of people with varying skill sets and strong points; each bringing value the group.

What writers do you read/admire?

Steinbeck, King. Yes, King.

What are your outside activities?

Fishing, camping, gaming.

Best advice for a new writer?

Write. No excuses. Write. Write at least a paragraph every day–even if your sole intention is to throw it straight into the trash. And always progress. Never think your writing is good enough. There’s always room for improvement.

Helpful URL?

Google “novice author mistakes” and let the net take you to next level.

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