Bob Beach


A native Toledoan, Bob holds a BSc and an MFA from BGSU. His professional career has included time as a graphic designer, a film director, an advertising copywriter, a web developer and 20 years as a marketing consultant. He also had a ten-year fling in fine art as a painter and printmaker, and taught for many years at BGSU.

Bob is a tournament chess player and an avid bicycle tourist.

Toledo Writers Questionnaire

What do you write?

Whatever I feel like. I have written and illustrated a children’s book, written a dozen literary short stories and have three novels in the works: a slipstream psychological thriller; a YA sci-fi/fantasy; and an adult sci-fi.

What motivates you to write?

I’m a creative. It’s what I do. Whether it’s printmaking, graphic design, film direction or writing, I have to be creating.

What do you hope to achieve in writing?

Earn a Nobel Prize and become a millionaire. Not necessarily in that order.

What do you think about the Toledo Writers Group?

It’s terrific! I live for Tuesday nights. Honest, supportive and immensely helpful. A wide range of feedback from a lot of different talents provides a pretty realistic picture of the quality of work submitted.

What writers do you read/admire?

Ernest Hemingway, Robertson Davies, John Steinbeck, William Gibson, Len Deighton, many, many more.

What are your outside activities?

Marketing consulting, bicycle touring, tournament chess, painting and printmaking, collecting art, serving on non-profit boards.

Best advice for a new writer?

Read at least five books on the craft of writing (Steven King’s doesn’t count). Read, read, read. Write, write, write. Join a writers group.

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