Draft Fiction!

Two suits of armor stood sentinel at the Renaissance Festival, the sun gleaming off their polished breastplates. Bruce paid the admission, full price for himself and Sarah and  almost got away with paying junior price for Wren, who was small for her 15 years.  Inside they found a built environment, faux trees lined the main thoroughfare, stands made to look like medieval buildings, venders done up in doublets and hose, the women, known for the day as “wenches” in satin and cotton, ample cleavage front and center, the real selling point. Village experts recycled this 500 year old celebration as a symbol of the town’s return to greatness, their hope for the future. But it was merely a symbol of tax money at work.  They chose the Summer solstice, the longest day of the year—midsummer, the pagan holiday dating back centuries, a time when fairies roamed the earth and play their wicked tricks on humans. The Wiccan ladies opened the festival in their white robes and clover wreaths, standing inside a fairy ring, chanting, dancing, one with nature. Next...

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Flash Fiction Project

Here’s a review of the flash fiction project. The requirements are: Fairy Tale story with a modern touch 2 characters: the main character (female, around 15 years old), a knight PG-13 Twist at the end ~1500 words We still need to decide if it will involve magic That’s all I can think of. Let me know if you think of anything  else. We also need to decide on a  plot. Leave your comments...

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Congratulations to Bob on His Recent Publications!

Posted by on Apr 29, 2017 in Group News

Bob Beach, longstanding member of the Toledo Writer’s Workshop, has recently set off on a campaign to get his short stories published. We are happy to announce his recent success of getting 4 of them being accepted (so far):

“Lesson Nine”
Dime Show Review

Saturday Evening Post/New Fiction Friday
Release date 4/29/17

Aphotic Realm

“The Reunion ”
Release date not known yet

Way to go, Bob!

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Riding With Mother by Momma Fargo, AKA Kathryn Marschalk Loving

Posted by on Apr 22, 2016 in Group News

Here’s an excellent read.  The author, an ex-police officer from the State of Wyoming, takes her dear old mother in the passenger seat of her squad car for a first hand look at the dangerous, stressful life of a real policewoman.  Kathryn’s goal is to show her mother what a self-sufficient, resourceful, and genuinely tough police officer she is.  What happens is hilarious!

Here’s the link to Riding With Mother by Momma Fargo. Trigger warning: don’t drink anything while you’re reading this.

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Toledo Authors Website

Posted by on Mar 1, 2016 in Group News

There’s a new web site offered by a local company that is worth looking at.  Becky Robinson from Weaving Influence has just launched a site that exclusively features authors in the Toledo metro area.  The new site, Hometown Reads, provides a list of local authors and their work, an individual page for each author, and includes links to the author’s website, Facebook page and other social media sites.  Also included is a link to purchase the book in question.

If you’re an author, this is free advertising and a connecting point to other authors.  If you’re a reader, you’ll find a list of local authors and their work in one, cleanly written page.

There has been a need for this service for a long time now, and I’m glad to see that Becky and her team have picked up the ball and are running it in for a touchdown.

You can read an extended review at Hometown Reads by W.L. Emery.

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