Bill Emery


Bill was born and raised on a horse farm in Sylvania Township, Ohio. He graduated high school in 1970 because the administration didn’t want to keep him another year. Subsequent to high school graduation exercises, the U.S. Government offered Bill an all-expense paid vacation in Southeast Asia, but he politely declined and went to college instead, electing not to declare a major. Upon completing English 101 (fun with words!), the head of the English department tried to convince Bill to become an English major. He politely declined, preferring to resign school in favor of pursuing gainful employment and the associated certainty of enjoying the luxuries in life – food, clothing and shelter.

During a life that some people might politely describe as colorful, Bill has lived or traveled in most states east of the Mississippi. He has worked as an auto mechanic, a ballroom dance instructor, a car salesman, an unskilled manual laborer and a computer programmer. When he isn’t out drinking, dancing and doing wild and obnoxious things in public, Bill can be found reinventing himself (yet again) as a writer of fiction.

Toledo Writers Questionnaire

What do you write?

I write fiction, science fiction, fantasy and hard boiled detective stories. I’m currently working on an anthology in the fantasy genre, a fantasy novel, and two hard boiled detective novels.

What motivates you to write?

Writers write because they have no choice. If I don’t write, I tend to become intemperate and bark at the moon.

What do you hope to achieve in writing?

I’d like to make the New York Times bestseller list some day, but even if I never accomplished that I’d be satisfied publishing my work on Amazon and making a few extra bucks through sales.

What do you think about the Toledo Writers Group?

While they are uniformly and unfailingly critical of the work belonging to anyone foolish enough to show up for a meeting and
present a piece for review, they are never vindictive nor spiteful. They are not a group of neurotic, insecure and insanely jealous personalities who collectively seek to satisfy their own primal need to boost their fragile egos by criticizing other people’s (generally) superior work. In short, they’re not like most groups. That’s a good thing.

What writers do you read/admire?

A few of the writers I admire are T.S. Eliot, Jack Vance, Fred Reed, Hunter S. Thompson, John D. MacDonald, Ian Fleming, Donald Hamilton, Mickey Spillane, Stuart Woods, P.G. Wodehouse, Ted Mark, Walter Mosely, John Grisham, and Spencer Quinn.

What are your outside activities?

My favorite outdoor activity is to remain indoors, where I have central heating in the winter and air conditioning in the summer. Failing that, I’m a gun owner and enjoy target shooting sports of all
kinds. I like both ballroom and Latin dancing, and despite being old, fat and ugly as the back end of a Mexican bus I can still get a standing ovation once in a while (I think the crowd watches my partner). I like the theater, and much prefer the stage to the silver screen.

Best advice for a new writer?

If you ask someone to read your work and tell you what they think of it, don’t be offended, deeply wounded or emotionally distraught if they tell you they don’t like it. You asked for criticism; listen to what they have to say, and then decide for yourself if the criticisms are valid. If you want praise, either write something praiseworthy or hire a claque.

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